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Introduction of a new 5-axis processing machine

We deliver reliable quality using inspection equipment with the purpose and accuracy required for product quality assurance.
Reverse Engineering

By scanning the actual product without drawing data using the non-contact 3D scanner (Digitizer),
3D digitization, CAM data creation and inspection can be consistently performed.

Reverse Engineering Flowchart
Equipment基数Maximum processed dimensions
(length x width x height)mm
Vertical 5-axis machining center
(scheduled to be introduced in March)
Vertical machining center11,400 x 700 x 550
Vertical machining center11,000 x 500 x 300
Vertical machining center11,000 x 500 x 300
NC lathe1Φ260 x 700
Discharge machine for small hole1500x400 x 200
Wire-electric discharge machine1900 x 600 x 300
Surface grinder11,000 x 500 x 300
Double-head milling machine1□800 × □800 × □350
Vertical NC milling machine1800 x 400 x 300
3D scanner1No limit to measurement range
Coordinate measuring machine (gate-type)1700 x 1,000
Shape measuring device1100 x 350