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Vacuum Nitriding  Unicoat®A1

Unicoat®A1 treatment has a relatively thick compound layer formed on the surface layer and a diffusion layer, and improves wear resistance. This is effective in reducing mold wear.
Moreover, the process is performed at a temperature below the transformation point of the material, and there is almost no dimensional change.

Special Nitriding for heat crack resistance Unicoat®P

Unicoat®P is a special nitriding treatment for die casting mold, which was developed in our company by optimizing the processing conditions and examining the gas composition in detail.

Heat crack resistance is further improved by the diffusion layer with slightly reduced thickness without compound layer that cause heat crack.

About Unicoat® and Other Nitriding

Heat crack resistance
 Hardness  Toughness    Heat crack resistance
Gas Nitriding

This is the most basic nitriding process, and produces a depth of 0.2~0.3 mm and a hardness of 1000~1200 HV.
However, the processing time is long such as 50~150 hours, and the cost is high.

Salt-bath Soft Nitriding

This treatment is carried out in a crucible of salt-bath containing a potassium cyanide and carbonate.
Carbonitride is formed due to the intrusion of nitrogen and carbon.Processing time is short.
The disadvantages are environmental issues and residual chloride.
Moreover, the surface is dirty because it is not vacuum processed.

Ion Nitriding
Plasma Nitriding

This treatment is a type of gas nitriding and performed using electric discharge in a vacuum.
Processing time is short.
It is not suitable for complex shapes because it causes uneven nitriding depending on the direction of discharge.

Vacuum Gas Soft Nitriding

Unicoat® series particularly improves toughness and heat crack resistance using unique technique compared to traditional nitriding, and extend the life of a mold.
Additionally, this is an environmentally friendly treatment.

Points to Note for Request

About material

In gas nitriding, materials such as stainless steel may not be nitrided.

About surface condition

At our company, the surface is blasted for uniform nitriding, so the surface will be rough.
Please note in advance.